Accidental Bowel Cleanse Exorcism…

I’ve never been one to shy away from going full force into something that I find interest in. Whether it be a good book, a lifestyle or diet ‘fad’ or of course it goes without saying that supplements are not free from this force either.

If I like something I am going to like the hell out of it until I hate it. Well most of the time. The saying goes, if some is good than more must be great and of course we know this only holds true for a handful of things – laughs, hugs, good times and maybe even money are handful enough for me.

So, as I went through my studies in Holistic Nutrition I learned about so many herbs, supplements, homeopathies and modalities than most people know exist. When it comes to your own health, if there is ever a lightbulb moment let me tell you the excitement to try it and also share it is hard to suppress. Like people who go vegan, they want to go really really vegan, and they want to tell everyone – sometimes twice.

After every new lecture I came out of class with enthusiasm to learn more and also a shopping list of what I needed to try. Don’t get me wrong, I was never reckless with what I put in my body, after all I was studying this stuff – I was just overly enthusiastic about sampling what the Earth had to offer us in the form of natural medicine.

So after learning all about the benefits of aloe vera; digestive cleansing, internal deodorizing and also some healing of epithelial tissues I thought I would pick up a bottle, not because I had digestive issues but why not give it a try. Well I actually enjoyed the taste so much I ended up drinking the entire bottle as if it were a beverage and not a natural medicine.

2 hours later

I made my way to the washroom upstairs in my parents’ house, and this house was built in the 70’s so keep in mind there is no ceiling fan or ventilation (this fact will be important later). I sat down on the toilet and all seemed normal to start, and then the aloe vera came out to say hello and with it, about 3 feet of my intestines and what seemed to be enough black tar to repave my parents driveway – and their driveway fits 4 cars. I remember thinking “I never ate any black licorice.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes, or more appropriately my eyes and nose. I had given myself more than a bowel cleanse, I had given myself a full blown colonic and organ harvesting operation in less than 20minutes.

I left that bathroom 10lbs lighter and with a secret I would keep to myself until today. I left like I had just seen a ghost, or perhaps an exorcism – performed on me, only the demon came out of my ass and I certainly never saw that in any movie before.

Needless to say I had a greater respect for natural healing medicines after that, but did I learn my lesson? Oh, just wait until you read the next story.

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